Items To Wear When Pressure Washing


Some people are unfamiliar with pressure washing. They mistake it for simple water spraying on a surface or object. On the contrary, pressure cleaning is an intense practice that you must do with caution. Cleaners use water under very high pressure to remove dirt or tough stains. You may suffer injuries if the water hits part of your body. It’s advisable to wear protective gear to suit┬áthe process. This extract shows what you should wear during pressure washing.

Protective gear for pressure cleaning

You can wear any item you like, but it’s appropriate to dress for the occasion. Likewise, it’s essential to wear gear that works well with pressure cleaning. Wearing protective clothing prevents unnecessary injuries. A simple task may turn into something fatal in a split second due to the wrong clothing. Below are points on what to wear and not wear.

Protective gear for pressure washing

You can use cold or hot water during pressure cleaning. Despite the pressure, cold water isn’t as bad as hot. Hot water can be life-threatening or cause severe pain. To top it up, it leaves the pressure washer under so much pressure and speed, meaning it can dent your skin. Several things can harm you other than the water. As you point the pressure washer wand to the surface, say concrete, loose debris can fly to your eyes or skin. Pressure cleaners clean several areas. You are at risk if chemicals are blown your way when washing spaces exposed to them.

Always wear closed shoes, preferable boots during the process. Long sleeve shirts and pants are a must-have. It ensures the skin is all covered and there’s no direct contact between it and the pressurized water. Keep your hands protected by wearing gloves and a face mask for your nose and mouth. Have goggles for the eyes to keep them out of harm’s way.

Items to avoid when pressure washing

Despite listing the appropriate clothing above, it is good to highlight and clarify what to avoid. Safety is paramount in this process, unlike using a garden hose. We cannot list everything that you shouldn’t wear. Countercheck the valid items and rule out anything else that isn’t there or is the total opposite.

Avoid wearing open shoes or sandals. Remember, the toes are easy targets, especially when cleaning the floor. The high pressure can cause deep cuts or a complete fallout. Tennis shoes are also not the best option. They quickly soak in water and are not ideal for greasy surfaces. Don’t wear short sleeve shirts, t-shirts or shorts. Exposing your arms, thighs, and legs is not the best idea. Also, don’t carry sunglasses or those prescribed by a doctor. Some prescription glasses are actual glass, and if they shutter due to pressure, your eyes can get damaged.

To sum up

Personal safety should be your priority when pressure washing. Take the necessary precautions by wearing the proper clothing. Take into account what’s recommended above and avoid anything else. Dress up nicely for the process ten change to your liking once you are done. All in all, be careful and do the cleaning comfortably.


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