Get the Facts; Vape Pod-based E-cigarette Devices


In the fourth generation, vape pods are gaining popularity in this modern era. Fourth-generation e-cigarettes, also known as pod-based devices, have recently gained popularity, especially among young people. JUUL, Suorin, Phix, Stig, Uwell, and Smok are a few examples.

The use of pod-based e-cigarettes can harm children’s health in several ways. But not all time. There are some facts that you need to know about vape pods. Do you want to know these facts? Let’s start with the basic definitions;

What is vaping?

In the modern age, most people use vaping. Inhaling liquid from a device, sometimes known as a vape pen, is known as vaping. It works in a very significant way. When the vape liquid inside the machine warms up, it is aerosolized into millions of tiny droplets, which are then inhaled.

Working of E-cigarettes

For e-cigarettes to work, a liquid solution must be heated to a temperature high enough to create an aerosol that can be inhaled.

What Distinguishes pod-based E-Cigarettes from other E-Cigarettes?

Many things differentiate vape pods from e-cigarettes. Tobacco products come in a wide variety of shapes and formats nowadays. These products can resemble a computer flash drive or pen thanks to their small size and sleek design. Adults may not immediately recognize them as vaping tools because of this. Children can use vaping, but there is something you need to know!

The change in e-Cigarettes

There are some changes in e-cigarettes. There is a device that controls them. The most recent models are disposable or use simple rechargeable batteries, and they have a sleek, high-tech look. The most well-known e-cigarette is the JUUL, a pre-filled pod with nicotine salts that debuted in 2015 and quickly became a market leader.

Nicotine Level

The nicotine level varies in every kind of cigarette. The amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes differs significantly, with some having levels on par with or higher than that in conventional cigarettes.

Studies have revealed mislabeling to be a widespread problem in the category, so labels are not always a trustworthy predictor of nicotine concentration.

How are you unsafe?

It is dangerous for young individuals to use any tobacco product. But if you choose the suitable dosage, there is less risk. Almost all e-cigarettes have nicotine, but the amount varies. The brain continues developing until the age of 25, although nicotine is addictive and can cause damage. You can reduce the risk with a proper dosage. Reduced impulse control, attention and cognitive deficiencies, mood disorders, and addiction are some of the impacts of nicotine on the developing brain.

E-cigarette users to switch to Traditional Cigarettes in the Future

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that children who use e-cigarettes risk developing lifelong dependence on nicotine. These cigarettes are more likely to be expected, but there are some exceptions that the vape pods are more convenient and easy to use with some flavors.

Final Verdict

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